Alimony and Support

Alimony and child support are issues that must be addressed in most divorce proceedings, but they are frequently contentious and difficult to resolve. At Miller, Kistler & Campbell, we help our clients assert their rights and protect their interests when resolving these matters through negotiation or litigation.

Helping Families Determine Child Support

Child support is meant to cover certain expenses associated with raising a child, including food, clothing, education, day care and other day-to-day costs. Because it is essential to a child’s well-being, courts take child support obligations extremely seriously. Our lawyers can help you reach fair and sustainable arrangements for child support and custody. We understand the importance of prioritizing your child’s best interests while also protecting your rights.

Modifying Alimony and Support

Sometimes life changes, and support arrangements that once served all parties become inadequate. If you have experienced a change in employment, family status or other circumstance that makes it difficult to maintain existing arrangements, our attorneys can help you find a solution. We will determine your ongoing rights and whether you are eligible to seek changes to your existing obligations.

If your former spouse fails to meet his or her support obligations or attempts to withhold parenting time as a means of leverage, we can also assist you with enforcement of an existing order.

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