Employment and Labor

The attorneys of Miller, Kistler & Campbell bring a wealth of experience to virtually all employment law issues. We dedicate ourselves to effectively advising you on your rights and obligations in the employment arena and determining how best to pursue your goals.

Our lawyers routinely represent employers and employees alike on employment discrimination, contract negotiation, wage and hour issues, severance payment, unemployment compensation, workers’ compensation, Family and Medical Leave Act, and other matters.

Comprehensive Services for Employers

Our employment practice is comprehensive and touches on all aspects of running a business and hiring employees. Our services include:

  • Choosing an appropriate business structure and hiring strategy — Our attorneys can counsel you on the best means of forming your business to suit your employment needs.
  • Establishing personnel policies and hiring practices — Our firm has many years of experience in providing comprehensive personnel policies that address the wide variety of employment situations, from taking vacation time to seeking leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act. We can also guide you through the hiring process so that you avoid legal disputes that may arise when you select the appropriate candidate for the job.
  • Assisting with the management of employees — We recognize that the vast majority of your employees will successfully perform their duties in a collaborative fashion that will minimize your need to consult with our firm. However, we also recognize that it may be necessary to protect your business against potential claims of discrimination, breach of contract, denial of benefits and similar allegations. Our attorneys are capable of advising you throughout the employment process and conveying your rights and responsibilities as an employer.
  • Providing unemployment compensation representation — Pennsylvania’s unemployment compensation system is becoming increasingly complex. Our attorneys have lengthy relationships with unemployment compensation representatives in this area, and we understand the challenges facing employers in this area.
  • Defending against discrimination, breach of contract, and other employment-based claims — We understand the many reasons why an employee may feel entitled to compensation at the end of employment, and we understand the array of defenses you have when facing allegations from a former employee. Our attorneys are well-versed in the procedures for defending employment claims, and we represent employers on a regular basis before administrative tribunals like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, and state and federal courts.

Advocacy and Counsel for Employees

When appropriate, we also represent individuals who are victims of discrimination and other illegal employer practices with the same aggressiveness as we defend employers. Our services for employees include:

  • Reviewing your rights as an employee — Many of our clients feel that their employers are not living up to their end of the bargain. Be it a refusal of vacation time, the failure to provide timely bonus or wage payments, or any other aspect of your ongoing relationship with your employer, we can analyze your employment situation and determine what your rights are.
  • Determining when your rights have been violated — There are many laws that protect you in the workplace. Our attorneys provide a wealth of experience in advising you of your right to a safe and productive workplace, and we can provide representation if your rights are violated.
  • Providing unemployment compensation representation — Pennsylvania’s unemployment compensation is complex. Our attorneys can professionally guide you through this process to help you obtain the benefits you deserve.
  • Representing whistleblowers — Our attorneys bring unique experience to the field of whistleblower law and representing individuals whose employers are violating the law. Our attorneys can professionally advise you of your rights prior to, during and after you blow the whistle. We are one of only a few firms in central Pennsylvania with extensive experience in the federal qui tam whistleblower statute.

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From offices in State College and Bellefonte, we serve individual and corporate clients throughout central Pennsylvania. Please contact us to learn more about our employment law services and arrange a consultation.

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