Postnuptial Agreements

Couples choose to get married without a prenuptial agreement for a variety of reasons. However, sometimes a change in employment, health or preference may raise questions about your legal rights and responsibilities in your marriage. If you are married but do not have a prenuptial agreement in place, there are other tools available to protect your interests, including postnuptial agreements.

At Miller, Kistler & Campbell, we provide legal counsel for real life — whatever it looks like for you and your family. Our attorneys can help you protect your interests and develop an appropriate agreement with your partner at any stage of your marriage, whether you are soon to be married, long-term spouses or seeking divorce.

Our lawyers can help you enter into a postnuptial agreement that achieves your objectives while protecting your rights, both today and in the future. These documents can prove extremely valuable, helping you and your spouse reach a formal agreement regarding:

  • Expectations for behavior in the marriage, including spending habits, chores and other conduct
  • Designating property as marital or separate
  • Asset division or alimony in the event of divorce

Working for You

When creating a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, it is essential that you and your spouse each retain your own attorney in order to make sure your individual interests are protected. We understand the importance of working collaboratively, but the well-being of you, our client, is our No. 1 concern.

Different courts may have different standards for determining whether these agreements are valid, so it is important that you work with an attorney who is familiar with Pennsylvania courts and the complexities of contract law. Our firm has served clients in the area for more than 120 years, developing a strong reputation for service and results.

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